Welcome to Pacific Yearly Meeting!

We’re a community of a wide variety of “unprogrammed” Friends (Quaker) Meetings in California, Hawaii, Nevada and Mexico City.  We do things year-round but our main gathering, the Annual Session, occurs once a year in the summer.  Our book of Faith and Practice describes the beliefs of Friends, PacYM’s structures and processes, and the spiritual foundation of these processes and of our way of worship.



  • QUAKER CAMP: June 17-25 Registration is open! Reserve your kids spot at camp today. Email youth@pacificyearlymeeting.org for more info
  • Annual Session: will be held July 21-26, 2023 as an on-ground gathering at Mount Madonna Center with opportunities for remote or online participation. Registration closes Wednesday, July 5th.
  • Apply to be a youth worker at annual session!