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We’re a community of a wide variety of “unprogrammed” Friends (Quaker) Meetings in California, Hawaii, Nevada and Mexico City.  We do things year-round but our main gathering, the Annual Session, occurs once a year in the summer.  Our book of Faith and Practice describes the beliefs of Friends, PacYM’s structures and processes, and the spiritual foundation of these processes and of our way of worship.


  • The 2024 meeting of Representative Committee (RepCom) will be held Saturdays, February 24 and March 2, virtually via Zoom. Visit the 2024 RepCom page for more information.
  • Annual Session 2024: We are happy to announce that Pacific Yearly Meeting will be meeting at Whittier College in Southern California, July 19-24, 2024.
    Message from our Presiding Clerk, Laura Magnani:
    Though many will be sad to leave Mount Madonna, we have really outgrown the space, especially for indoor housing and children’s needs. Whittier, as you may know, was originally a Friends College and we have a number of alums among our members. They are anxious to have us. Also, as FGC has discovered, campuses are the best places to find good connectivity and tech support.  It will mean dorm housing, and dining hall food, but our advance team has been sampling the food, viewing the spaces, and finding the range of options we need.  Expect a full report at Representative Committee in February. I also want to remind Friends that we used to alternate between Northern and Southern California for our annual sessions, until we ran out of Southern California options.  It is time for us to experiment with that practice again, in order to serve everyone in our geographically dispersed yearly meeting.  Mark your calendars.  We look forward to “seeing” you, or seeing you on zoom.
  • Read the Clerk’s Call to Annual Session 2024 HERE
  • Ethical Land Transitions The Indigenous Concerns Subcommittee (of Ministry Committee) is pleased to announce that the recording of our Ethical Land Transitions Webinar is now available on Pacific Yearly Meeting’s youtube channel HERE

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